It’s almost that time of year again…

A time when over 40,000 real estate professionals from over 70 countries congregate in Munich for three days of networking, knowledge sharing, and deal making.

That’s right: it can only be Expo Real.

If you’re attending this year’s event from 7th-9th October, how can you be sure to make the very best of your time there? After all, with so many thousands of attendees and exhibitors all spread out in a 200,000m2 exhibition hall, the event can feel a little overwhelming to say the least!

Well, luckily for you, we have been attending Expo Real for over a decade, so we thought we would share our top tips for a successful event.

Ready? Here we go…

1. Pre-book meetings with your clients and prospects

This is our #1 tip for a reason, because it’s something that can turn an average experience at Expo Real into an excellent one.

If you turn up to Expo Real with no plan, then you should prepare yourself for feeling overwhelmed and having a below average experience. If you turn up with a plan but no pre-arranged meetings, you will have an enjoyable event. But if you turn up with a plan and a load of pre-arranged meetings, you will really make the most of this outstanding trade fair.

Please follow our advice on this one! You simply cannot wonder the vast exhibition hall among over 40,000 attendees and hope to bump into the right kind of people. So now is the time to pick up the phone, send some emails, and start pre-arranging some meetings!

2. Space your meetings out

Following on logically, here is another handy tip that will really help you out, especially if it’s your first time attending.

If you follow Tip #1 and manage to pre-book some meetings, make sure you space them out a bit, e.g. with 20-30 minutes between them. This will give you the time to not only get from one meeting to another if they are in different parts of the exhibition hall, but it will also allow for any spontaneous conversations with other contacts (whether new or existing) that you bump into along the way. And believe us – this will happen!

We would recommend booking a maximum of one meeting per hour.

3. Book your accommodation as early as possible

Accommodation for this year’s event will now be at an absolute premium, or it may not even be available at all. But at least you can remember this tip for Expo Real 2020 and beyond.

And when we say to book early, we really mean it: we have always booked our hotel rooms a year in advance. In some years we have stayed with friends and family in Munich, and we have even stayed outside the city and travelled in by train in the morning, saving lots of money on accommodation.

4. Bring lots of business cards, but leave other marketing collateral

This one is simple: bring loads of business cards with you! Bring as many as you think you will need, and then double it just to be on the safe side. It is not unlikely that you could hand out up to fifty business cards in one day.

As for other marketing collateral, such as company brochures or flyers, our advice would be to leave these at the office. (Unless you are an exhibitor, of course, in which case you should bring them!) Not only will you load yourself down with more stuff to carry around, but people do not want them, and they don’t have time to read them.

Your business card is the most important piece of marketing collateral you can bring to Expo Real!

5. Take some time out!

Yes, this is a very important tip, and something that could easily be forgotten.

As we mentioned earlier, Expo Real is very big and extremely busy. You could easily feel burnt out by the end of day one. So, our advice is to remember to find a bit of downtime, even if it’s just five minutes here and there. Why not try:

  • Catching some fresh air in the courtyard and filling your lungs with oxygen
  • Scheduling a lunch meeting somewhere off-site, for a change of scenery
  • Sitting down to rest your legs for a few minutes – you will be standing and walking all day

Those are our top five tips for a successful Expo Real.

But wait! We’re not done yet, here are some more quick and easy tips to help you out…

Bonus Tips!

6. Check the Expo Real website in advance for all event details and an exhibitors list

7. Remember to wear smart business attire – this is a formal event

8. There are always more events in the evenings – more time for networking!

9. Remember, although pre-booking meetings is very important, don’t be too ambitious by scheduling too many!

10. Finally, if you work in real estate / property / investment and you are not sure whether or not to attend… Attend! This is Europe’s biggest property show, conference, and networking event. It’s like a ‘Who’s Who’ of the property industry. You will miss out on many valuable opportunities if you’re not there

We hope these 10 tips will help you to have a successful Expo Real 2019.

All that’s left to do now is to start planning and follow the advice in this blog post! We look forward to seeing you there in October and continuing the conversation about Healthy, sustainable space. For everyone.

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