This is the third blog in our series “Apps to activate your sustainable lifestyle”, which looks at how digital tools such as applications have a decisive advantage in helping us make smart and sustainable decisions every day. On the basis of the Anatomy of Action – a handy action set for daily sustainable living spanning five sustainability hotspots – we explore which apps help us change the world for the better. In this blog, we dive into the third sustainability hotspot – the way we move around.



While many cities are still designed around private motorised transport, walking and cycling are safe and sustainable transportation options we can choose instead. Not only do these options reduce our carbon footprint, but they benefit our health and wellbeing too! Cycling just three hours a week can reduce risk of heart disease and stroke by half. The key to changing your transport routines to more sustainable ones is taking small steps. If you commute to work by public transport, why not fit walking into your schedule by getting off one stop earlier before your destination?

Bike Citizens: Explore bike-friendly routes

Available in 450 cities and in over 30 countries, Bike Citizens is a navigation app that allows you to travel easily to your destination, whether you choose the fastest route or prefer to cycle at a more leisurely pace. Specifically designed to support the needs of cyclists in urban areas, the app allows you to adapt the route navigation feature to your personal needs, also taking into account your type of bicycle. The Bike Citizens network also allows you to connect to the community and share cycling tips for your city.


Instead of taking your car, take public transport to lower your carbon footprint and invest in essential public transport services. Shared transport such as rideshare schemes or collaborative commuting are also an option.

Jelbi: Your mobility companion on the go

Jelbi is a multimodal platform app that summarises all available mobility services from different providers in Berlin to give users the full picture on trip duration and prices. Service options span from car-sharing and shuttle-sharing to ride hailing and bike sharing. Not only Berlin, but many other cities are developing similar multimodal solutions to enable people to switch from their cars to more sustainable alternatives through an increased variety of services and more flexibility.


Besides opting to drive less and share your ride, you can decide to make the switch to electric. As we see a global rise in electric vehicle use and charging infrastructure, now is a good time to swap your fossil fuel car to an electric one or try out leasing services for electric cars or bikes.

FlyKly: Transforming your bike into an e-bike

Switching to an e-bike doesn’t have to cost you the world. FlyKly has developed the Smart Wheel, which allows you to transform your regular bike into a pedal assist-bike in just a few minutes. After setup, you directly connect the engine of your Smart Wheel to the Bitride app, which allows you to control the device’s speed, battery level and kick range.

So, whether you choose to travel emissions free, share the journey or give your bike an electric boost to take you further, there are many options available to reduce the impact of our journeys with the help of an app.

Our next blog in this series will explore smart sustainability apps that help us rethink the ways we use our money.

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