This is the fourth blog in our series “Apps to activate your sustainable lifestyle”, which looks at how digital tools such as applications have a decisive advantage in helping us make smart and sustainable decisions every day. On the basis of the Anatomy of Action – a handy action set for daily sustainable living spanning five sustainability hotspots – we explore which apps help us change the world for the better. In this blog, we dive into the fourth sustainability hotspot – the way we use and invest our money.



Every small or big purchase of products, services and investments you make is an investment decision for or against sustainability. Choosing to consume sustainably and locally produced goods and services means investing in a sustainable future.

Evocco: Tracking the environmental impact of your purchases

Ireland-based app Evocco functions as a digital shopping assistant, which allows consumers to find out the environmental impact of their shopping and provides them with tools to reduce it. The app offers users the function to photograph their food shopping receipt, which is then analysed using computer vision. The provided end-rating is based on the carbon footprint of products, while also taking nutritional information into account. In this way, you are encouraged to make environmental impact a key factor in your purchasing decisions and opt for the most nutritious food with the least environmental impact.


Divestment means moving away from unsustainable commercial activities and industries and actively choosing banks, energy providers and other companies that support sustainable consumption and production as well as renewable options.

Tomorrow: Sustainable online-banking

A new player in sustainable finance is Tomorrow, which offers sustainable online banking. According to the start-up, banking “shouldn’t cost the Earth”. For this reason, it only finances sustainable projects, refraining from such that support armaments, coal-fired power and genetic engineering. The banking app provides an Impact Board, which gives you real-time insight into how the Tomorrow community’s money is working. Tomorrow is also the first bank that offers to offset your entire yearly carbon footprint – by upgrading to a Tomorrow Zero premium account.


Sustainable behaviours, appliances and technical interventions at home can contribute substantially to reducing emissions and promoting climate change mitigation. Besides, these can save you money and increase home comfort and overall quality of life.

EnergieCheck: Monitoring and evaluating your energy consumption

The EnergieCheck app developed by the consulting firm co2online helps people gain a better overview of their electricity, heating and water consumption. Consumption for comparative periods of time can be monitored, visualised and evaluated, including reminders for data collection. The integrated StandbyCheck tool helps to identify energy guzzlers. Energy saving tips complete the app’s service. A further app provided by the same company is EcoGator, which helps to find energy-efficient household appliances.

So, why not put your money where your mouth is and gradually learn to make better choices based on the analysis of your shopping receipt, take control of your finances and be in charge of your energy consumption – all with a little help from apps.

Our next blog in this series will explore smart sustainability apps that help us rethink the ways we travel and make us of our leisure time.

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