This is the fifth and last blog in our series “Apps to activate your sustainable lifestyle”, which looks at how digital tools such as applications have a decisive advantage in helping us make smart and sustainable decisions every day. On the basis of the Anatomy of Action – a handy action set for daily sustainable living spanning five sustainability hotspots – we explore which apps help us change the world for the better. In this blog, we dive into the fifth sustainability hotspot – the fun things we do.



Why travel far when there are plenty of vacation options close to home? Opting for holidays near to your home and in nature has positive impacts for the local economy, the environment, your health and also your wallet. If you do want to go the distance, consider the impacts your travel decisions and purchases have and make sure to leave as small a footprint as possible.

Fairbnb: Accomodation for conscious travellers

Clearly developed as an alternative to the extractive sharing economy practices of the Airbnb platform, Fairbnb wants to put community back in focus with its accommodation platform. Operating as a cooperative booking platform, 50% of platform fees are used to fund local projects of choice, empowering local communities. In this way, Fairbnb wants to contribute to sustainable and authentic travel experiences. Via its Impact Calculator, you can also discover the potential social impact of the touristic accommodation market in your area and see suggestions on how to get involved.


Embrace a curious mindset to learn, discover and gain new knowledge. A wealth of high quality resources and data is available, delivered in the most informative formats yet and supported by digital tools. It has never been easier to access up-to-date quality information and use it to make smart and sustainable decisions in everyday life. By embracing a life of constant learning, you can learn from nature and the systems around us to not only affect change in your life, but in the lives of your family, friends and community.

SDGs in Action: Taking an informed, 360 degree approach to sustainable change

Stay up-to-date on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals with the SDGs in Action app. While providing you with the latest information, news and figures on your favourite goals, the app encourages you to take action and offers suggestions on how to support the goals. You can not only find actions and join events near you, but create your own actions and invite people to join them.

Other fun ways to learn and take action for the planet include interesting citizen-science apps, such as NASA’s Globe Observer app, which invites you to interact with and record your environment to help leading scientists study the Earth system. Apps that engage you in day-to-day sustainable actions are Joulebug, Treeday and Go Green Challenge.


Our possessions can add value to our life, but more so do the experiences we have. Our daily acts of living, learning and interacting are what define our identity. Make daily time available to engage in experiences that add value to your life by connecting with people and nature around you and create positive impacts for yourself, others and the natural world.

Naturblick: Exploring and interacting with nature in your city

Step outside and get to know your city’s green spots with the Naturblick app. This app makes your stay in nature more informative and worthwhile by providing tools to explore your local environment in-depth – through functions such as the species, plant and bird recognition and recording tools.

In a nutshell, with the fun things you do you can support communities, study and immerse yourself in nature locally – what a wonderful world!

The digital action agenda detailed in our blog series “Apps to activate your sustainable lifestyle” showcases only a glimpse of the digital applications and tools available out there to live a sustainable everyday life. We hope it can provide a good starting point though, if you’re looking to take your sustainable and smart everyday actions to the next level. As we are confronted with the reality of climate breakdown, let’s strengthen our personal climate resilience and join forces to move towards collective action for sustainability.

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