The GRESB Real Estate reference guide has been released, kicking of the 2021 reporting season.

The Assessment has not been subject to any material development in 2021, with the exception of the integration of the Resilience Module into the main Assessment, which was announced in 2018.

Five new indicators have been added to the Risk Management Aspect of the Management Component:

  • RM5: Resilience of strategy to climate-related risks
  • RM6.1: Transition risk identification
  • RM6.2: Transition risk impact assessment
  • RM6.3: Physical risk identification
  • RM6.4: Physical risk impact assessment

Changes have also been made to two indicators in the Leadership Aspect:

  • LE3: Individual responsible for ESG and/or climate-related objectives
  • LE5: ESG and/or climate-related senior decision-maker

None of the newly introduced indicators will be scored for 2021.

You can find more details of the changes and the full reference guide here.

The assessment timeline for 2021 is as follows:

Assessment Reporting Period


  • April 1st, GRESB Portal opens for the 2021 GRESB Assessments
  • Response checks can be requested

May and June:

  • Response checks
  • June 1st, deadline to request response checks

Validation, Scoring and Benchmarking


  • July 1st, GRESB postal closes


  • Validation starts
  • Scoring and benchmarking


  • September 1st, Launch of preliminary 2021 Real Estate and Infrastructure Assessment results for Participants only
  • Review period

Assessment Results


  • October 1st, Launch of 2021 Real Estate and Infrastructure Assessment results for Participants and Investors
  • Public results events begin

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