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We provide a fully holistic approach to your environmental requirements.

By working collaboratively, our experts look beyond the immediate problem in order to come up with longer-term, more strategic solutions, helping you to save time and money.

Environmental due diligence 

The environmental due diligence helps buyers, vendors and portfolio/asset managers to assess the chances and risks of proposed transactions. The expert investigation encompasses the assessment of building contaminants, water supply, wastewater discharge, storage of hazardous substances, emissions, mould, radon, engineering geology and soil & groundwater impacts. We also offer our clients follow up services such as contaminated land survey and indoor environmental quality assessment. If necessary, we will provide a remedial strategy.

ES conducts environmental due diligence throughout Europe for various types of usages regardless of whether existing buildings, new build or project development are concerned.

Specifically for portfolio transactions, we provide additional strategic consulting and organise European-wide technical and/or environmental due diligence processes.

Building Contaminants & Contaminated Land assessments

We can assess the presence of building contaminants such as asbestos, PCB or mould within your building and draw up a building contaminant register as well as provide a remedial strategy. The development of the remedial strategy is based on precise hazard assessment and focuses on balancing technical efficiency with available economic resources.

Regarding soil & groundwater, we provide expert contaminated land surveys and create where required remedial strategies. The development of a remedial strategy will take both the technical requirements and the economics into consideration.

The contaminated land surveys will be based on existing German law and regulations i.e. Bundes-Bodenschutzgesetz (BBodSchG) and Bundes-Bodenschutz- und Altlastenverordnung (BBodSchV) and apply to all phases of investigation.


We advise our clients on how to optimize indoor air quality and achieve a high level of user satisfaction within their buildings. Our approach takes the upcoming popular trends associated with Health & Wellbeing into account and may lead to certification in accordance with WELL if aspired by our clients.

Our services are based on the assessment of air quality, thermal and visual comfort as well as sojourn quality.

For operators of potable water supply systems we offer potable water investigations including analysis for legionella and other parameters in accordance with German regulations (i.e. TrinkwV).

Health & Safety Due Diligence

We will check the Health & Safety conditions and assess compliancy with fire safety regulations at your property.

When required we will undertake risk analysis and develop a strategy to counteract deficiencies and optimize existing conditions.

Our assessment refers to the internationally recognized OHSAS 18001.