Our ESG Policy

Our ESG Approach

As one of the only sustainability consultancies in Europe providing a broad range of technical, environmental, sustainability and energy related services to commercial real estate firms, we consider it our duty to employ a responsible business model.

Our ultimate goal is to minimise the environmental and social impacts of our business activities as far as possible. For this reason, we prioritise integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into our corporate activities.

Our contribution to society is effectuated through our consulting services, which aim to disseminate the sustainability concept in the real estate and construction industries and to reduce building-related environmental impacts. In order to advance climate and environmental protection, we cultivate a corporate culture that promotes sustainable living and working models. Our employees are given strong impetus to internalise the importance of sustainable action at both the corporate and personal level. Further, we constantly strive to ensure responsible and appreciative working conditions as well as healthy working environments for our employees.

Through our involvement in social initiatives we express our commitment to serving the common good.

These contributions reflect our efforts to implement the concept of sustainable development at company level. By integrating ESG factors into our business activities, we recognise our responsibility towards the environment, people and society as an integral part of our corporate strategy.

At EnviroSustain, we embed ESG factors across all aspects of our corporate behaviour and related work processes:


Natural resources such as water, raw materials, air and biological diversity enable our life on Earth. This motivates us to strive to keep the environmental impacts associated with our corporate activities and internal processes to a minimum. Our employees are encouraged to adopt sustainability-oriented behaviour, actively aiming for a small ecological footprint. To this end, we place great emphasis on minimising the use of resources as well as avoiding and reducing our CO₂ emissions. Besides reducing our transport-related emissions, we focus on waste separation, recycling measures and preventing waste in the first place. We also follow a sustainable purchasing policy, prioritising the consumption of products associated with reduced resource use and lower emissions from production.

Furthermore, EnviroSustain is helping advance the energy transition by using renewable energy sources and investing considerable efforts into saving energy. We are also committed to using water efficiently and strive to reduce the total amount of water used.

In order to better understand the impact of our business activities, we monitor our resource consumption levels over time. This allows us to keep track of our environmental performance, setting improvement targets and undertaking changes when needed. In the long run, we aim for a steady reduction of our resource consumption levels.


In the context of our vision of “Healthy, sustainable space. For everyone.”, we are committed to offering our employees healthy and satisfying working environments. As a values-driven company, we recognise that social interaction based on mutual respect and understanding and a health-promoting environment not only foster employee satisfaction and creativity, but also lead to economic and sustainable corporate success.

Promoting a diversified workforce

At EnviroSustain, we promote a diverse working environment. We are convinced that fostering various aspects of diversity not only creates open and supportive work places but also increases business success. We promote equal rights and opportunities, prioritising our employees’ qualifications and strictly rejecting discrimination based on age, nationality or gender.

In light of demographic changes, we actively promote the collaboration and working together of young and old. For instance, we enable flexible working hours and promote knowledge transfer within our project teams, in order to make use of the opportunities that generational diversity offers.

In addition, we follow an internationally-oriented corporate strategy. Through fostering internationalisation, we bring together professional knowledge from different backgrounds and cultures. This not only strengthens our company’s innovative capacity but also its competitive standing.

Health & Wellbeing

Working environments have a substantial impact on employee health and well-being. For EnviroSustain, it is of utmost importance to offer its employees healthy working places as well as high quality health programmes. For this reason, we provide holistic operational health management, including healthy and sustainable workspaces that take into account a range of quality parameters. We also promote work efficiency and productivity through designing and organising work processes sustainably. Further, we recognise the value of healthy diets and regular exercise as well as joint sports activities, incorporating these as essential components into our health management.


We are committed to achieving high standards of corporate governance. This includes complying with relevant legal requirements and regulations as well as conducting business in a socially and ethically responsible manner. We regard our responsible business practices as the basis for securing economic sustainability as well as fostering sustainable, long-term relationships.

Employer Benefits

EnviroSustain offers its employees attractive benefits such as competitive remuneration, 30 days holiday entitlement per year as well as permanent contracts. Further, we nurture the professional development of our employees by providing both advisory and financial support for further education and training. In addition, we are committed to providing outstanding social benefits for our employees, for instance by offering a company pension scheme with significant employer participation. As part of our personnel policy, we also promote the compatibility of individual life concepts, whether family or professional development, with the careers of our employees. To this end, we offer flexible working hours and individualised working time arrangements. We are convinced that additional employer benefits and active promotion of our employees’ health and well-being contribute to long-standing company employment.

Social Engagement

We regard corporate engagement for people and the environment as part of our social responsibility. Commitment to environmental and social causes has long been a tradition at EnviroSustain. This is reflected in our involvement in various organisations and associations. Our support ranges from indirect contributions, such as donations, to direct project involvement in the areas of environmental and climate protection as well as social development.

Berlin, 3 September 2019

Dr. Birgit Memminger Rieve
Managing Director