sustainability case study

breeam in-use
quartier leipziger platz

Name & Location

Quartier Leipziger Platz
Berlin, Germany


Office, Retail, and Residential



Tenant Area

22,347 m²

Project Details

BREEAM In-Use is a certification system aiming at the sustainable management of existing buildings. Based on the well-established BREEAM categories information on the building is collected. The provided information needs to be supported by respective documentary proof. Such information would for example be baseline data concerning the building, energy and CO2, water, waste, transport, health and wellbeing as well as operation of the building and its management. The evaluation and the documentary proof are carried out by the BREEAM In-Use Auditor which will then apply for the certificates at BRE or the local NSO.

For this office building located in the centre of Berlin near Potsdamer Platz we could prove that the property is managed in a sustainable way including proactive maintenance and continuous improvement of energy efficiency. Within all BREEAM categories the building the scoring was well above-average.

Asset: Excellent

building management: very good