sustainability case study

DGNB, Building In Use
Zwickau arcaden

Name & Location

Zwickau Arcaden
Zwickau, Germany





Tenant Area

17,623 m²

Project Details

By developing the assessment method “Building in Use” (i.e. Gebäude im Betrieb, GIB15) DGNB has devised a way of evaluating the sustainability of existing buildings. The method focuses on the building’s operational aspects and takes account of the building operator’s processes and activities as well as assessing the building user’s approach to sustainability. The assessment is based on a comparatively small but explicit catalogue of criteria and requires the appraisal of the property by a DGNB auditor during a site visit. If required, the certification of a whole portfolio may also be conducted. This involves assessing the major operational aspects of the portfolio as a whole, while taking specific indicators of each building into account.

The shopping centre “Zwickau Arkaden” was part of a portfolio certification. Owing to outstanding building management, high resource efficiency, and numerous socio-cultural events resulting in high user satisfaction, the DGNB “GOLD” rating was achieved.