technical & Environmental case study

technical & Environmental
Due diligence

Name & Location

Global Gate
Dusseldorf, Germany





Tenant Area

156,524 m²

Project Details

Technical Due Diligence

The technical and structural assessment of properties helps buyers, vendors and portfolio/asset managers to assess the chances and risks of proposed transactions. The condition of the building fabric, fire safety, building services and landscaping is investigated to estimate the cost of maintenance, servicing, modernisation or retrofit.

Environmental Due Diligence

The expert investigation encompasses the assessment of building contaminants, water supply, wastewater discharge, storage of hazardous substances, emissions, mould, radon, engineering geology and soil & groundwater impacts. In doing so environmental risks can be identified and mitigated accordingly.

During the transaction process we helped our client by providing a sound property condition assessment, a CAPEX forecast for the next decade, and could exclude any major environmental risk.