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Driven by purpose…

As humans, we are unsustainable by nature.

We all have similar desires: a comfortable, dry house to live in, with a good indoor climate, and sufficient lighting and energy. But we don’t really care how many resources must be used, or how much energy must be consumed in order for that to become a reality. We might say that we care about the planet, but we don’t necessarily live it when it comes to our own comfort and desired quality of life.

We don’t know if we will ever be able to overcome this lack of concern. But what we can do is try to help solve one of the most urgent problems facing our planet: unsustainable and energy-intensive buildings, which account for approximately 40% of global carbon emissions.

And so, in 2001, EnviroSustain was born. The company was founded by Dr. Birgit Memminger-Rieve, an environmental engineer, and Frank Burchardi, a geologist.

The name EnviroSustain was chosen in order to combine the natural environment, on which every human depends, and the sustainable approach we need to preserve it.

The top triangle in our logo, pointing down, represent our clients’ high expectations. They look to us for effective solutions to their challenges.

The bottom triangle, pointing up, represents our high level of expertise. We seek to go above and beyond for our clients, and exceed their expectations.

When the two triangles come together, they represent our balanced and holistic approach to solving challenges.

In its early days, EnviroSustain focused on soil and groundwater clean up operations, and also conducted environmental risk assessments for real estate assets. From there, we began assessing the structural and technical qualities of commercial buildings.

In 2009, we started working on energy efficiency projects, and we completed our first green building certification in 2011.

Now, EnviroSustain is one of the only sustainability consultancies in Europe providing such a broad range of technical, environmental, sustainability, and energy related services to commercial real estate firms.

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