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We provide a fully holistic approach to your technical requirements.

By integrating ESG matters into our technical services, you benefit from a longer-term, more strategic solution, helping you to save time and money.

Technical due diligence 

The technical and structural assessment of properties helps buyers, vendors and portfolio/asset managers to assess the chances and risks of proposed transactions. The condition of the building fabric, fire safety, building services and landscaping is investigated to estimate the cost of maintenance, servicing, modernisation or retrofit.

EnviroSustain conducts Technical Due Diligence throughout Europe for various types of usages regardless of whether it’s existing buildings, new build or project development. Follow up services based on the TDD are for example construction and project monitoring as well as analysis of building damages. In addition, we do energy efficiency consulting and Green Building certification.

Specifically for portfolio transactions, we provide additional strategic consulting and organise European-wide technical and environmental due diligence processes.

construction & project monitoring

We assist our clients with their project development of both new and existing buildings by providing cost, schedule and construction monitoring. We always make sure that the requirements are fulfilled on time.

Monitoring will encompass partaking at regular meetings together with designers and contractors to document the progress of construction and determine whether specifications, deadlines and targets are being met. Where necessary, we will analyse any economically relevant changes and give appropriate advice.

In addition, we will check detailed design and as-built records for compliancy with contract specifications. If required we take care of deficiencies and implement existing warranties.

Building Damages Assessment

The assessment of building damages is based on expert principals and is required for example in cases of third party liability.

Subsequent to determining the source of the deficiency and the extent of the damages, we will develop a strategy for remediation.

The assessment of building damages may contribute to the settlement of a liability and ultimately avoid legal action.

Technical case studies

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